The Raydons

Chad Corley - low guitar, vocals Heath Metzger - drums Jason Powell - hi guitar

The Raydons were a noisy 4-trackin' sound by the pound outfit that Chad Corley, Heath Metzger and Jason Powell attempted to maintain in the shadow of the burgeoning success of Mock Orange (a band Heath still is a member of), and a total lack of organizational or promotional skills. More recently, Chad went on to form the Sleep-ins in Sydney Australia, culling some unfinished Raydons material in the process. The Raydons had few live performances in Evansville and Bloomington, IN, but a fair amount of recorded material does exist. The most recent attempt at reviving the Raydons included Mock Orange bassist and Self Help main man Zach Grace and current Sleep-ins guitarist Mike Johnson, but the logistics proved too difficult with members coming from different states for rehearsals.



2 songs

The Field of Minds
Waltzin' Jesus