Raw Meat

Buddy Ingram "Mike Hogg" vocals, Rapper Pfeffer bass, Michael "Captain Steele " Phillips guitar, Phil Lawless "Filthy McNasty" drums.
Raw Meat started playing out on New Years Eve 1986 at Muggin's. The original members are Buddy Ingram (Mike Hogg) vocals, Rapper Pfeffer bass, Phill Lawless (Filthy McNasty) drums, and Terry Hollywood (of Zero Boys fame) on guitar. They played the Vogue and Patio pretty regularly back in those days. Then after a discussion and fisticuffs about band money after a gig at the Patio between Buddy and Terry, September of 1988 Terry Hollywood left the band . Several others played guitar with the band including Larry DeMeyer and some guy named Dale who had played with "Angry Neighbvors. But that version only played out once and Dale moved to Hawaii. After which Michael Phillips aka Captain Steele joined the band towards the end of 1988 with Larry and Captain Steele on guitars, this version played the Vogue and Patio several times. After writing a slew of new tunes in the spring of 1989 we recorded 17 songs (which included oldies and newbies) our album "Delicious" at the now defunct Metro Sound. The entire project was recorded live in the studio in one day including backing vocals while sucking down a case of Old Style's. Clean up, lead vocals and mix down was to occur on the second day. While debating artistic direction, fisticuffs broke out in the studio control room between Buddy and Larry. Hence forward Larry didn't play in the band and Raw Meat continued on with it's four person line up. We played the Vogue upon occasion and the Patio on a monthly basis. Then the Yoko Ono paramour of the drummer decided to bitch her way into making Raw Meat a lean clean money making machine. Myself, Rapper, and Buddy still don't know why all the fun got sucked out of playing over the money making aspect as we all knew Phil had a lifetime gig at Detroit Diesel Allison. And that he was not going to leave it to make peanuts traveling in a beat up van across the mid west. So with band typical band upheaval in the air, Raw Meat hung up it's skates after a New Years Eve gig at the Outback Bar in 1994. Phil continued working at DDA, Rapper played with a few other bands like Helen Shields and The Slammies and then he quit playing altogether for many years. Captain Steele went on the road doing sound for many bands and Buddy just went on being Buddy. Raw Meat decided to get together again and have some fun playing with The Buzz bassist Terry Davis with Terry being the driving force behind this resurrection. So in February of 2001 Raw Meat started practicing again and all went well. The line up was Buddy Ingram vocals, Phil Lawless drums, Captain Steele guitar, and Terry Davis on bass. We practiced for just short of one year and the band was ready to hit the stage sounding like a fast freight train once again. But fate had another turn. One night Terry Davis while out on a Limo party ride passed away on the way home. This was devastating. Our friend Duke Timbs formerly of the band RAF and The Buzz whom was a great friend of Terry Davis took over bass duties long enough to play a memorial show at Birdy's for Terry Davis. This was the last show Raw Meat played live. Years later I had been toying with the idea of a Raw Meat reunion after talking with Rapper since he had started playing music again and he said he would do it if I booked some cool shows. So, one night while at PRN I sequestered Greg Brenner and put out the idea of a Raw Meat PRN. He came back with "How about New Years Eve 2011?". And that is pretty much it, we have been practicing and getting the train up to speed. So, current members are Buddy, Rapper, Phil, and Captain Steele back in the saddle again playing love songs without the word love in them. As Terry Hollywood once said "You can easily replace the word love with the word fuck any day and it comes out alright".



16 songs

Pussy Is Pink
Shake Yo Ass
Fuck Or Die
Ready Willing Disabled
Ride The Hogg
The Grind
Lying Little Bitch
Eat Some Fuck
Cum Lovin Bitch
I Wanna Fuck
I Need Some Flesh
Alien Cluster Fuck
Bent Dick Daddy
Where's My Bitches
Janitor In A Women's Prison