Adam, Michael, Yuto, Alfonso

Alfonso Ramos started writing music about a year and a half ago with modest and humble aspirations. Growing up in the New Albany public school system he took to some of his favorite folk artists such as Fleet Foxes and Andrew Bird, and began writing his own style of music.
After Alfonso had spent some time cultivating his sound, he invited Adam Faris, an old friend from school, to listen in and possibly contribute. With a passionate background in punk, Adam’s percussive rock/pop influence stems from groups like Vampire Weekend and Surfer Blood. After a few jam sessions, Adam and Alfonso realized that in order to make the most of Alfonso’s music, they would need a bigger sound.
Soon after, more friends from the same line of public schools in southern Indiana joined Alfonso and Adam to form Poncho y Amigos. The group was a sort of makeshift collaboration that was put together in order to play at the Powwow Musicfest in Lanesville, Ind.
Yuto Kanii takes his cues from guitarists like George Harrison and local legend Jim James. Taking after his fathers’ passion for music he attends shows to study his favorite musicians regularly. Michael Homan plays bass guitar from influences such as Paul McCartney and Shiraz Dada. Being a drummer first and foremost, Michael works with Adam to create a strong rhythmic backbone for the band.
After receiving positive feedback from their performance at the Powwow Musicfest, Poncho y Amigos decided to head into the studio to release a five song EP. The four friends went into Threshold Studios in Indianapolis to produce their début recording. Backed by a professional sound, the group changed their name to something a little more official, and Ranger took the place of Poncho y Amigos.
Playing music in band classes and basements since seventh grade, the group has a comfortable live dynamic capable of producing a variety of musical tones from heavy jams to smooth melodies. Their pop/folk and rock ’n’ roll influences shine through the Heritage EP, which was released as a prelude to the groups first full length album which is due summer 2013.
The guys have been hard at work, writing, playing and promoting their EP since November 2012. Fans and friends of the New Albany band Houndmouth, the band created valuable relationships in networking with the band. There are rumors in the air that the band will join sound master and My Morning Jacket producer Kevin Ratterman in the studio to release their first full-length.



Heritage EP

5 songs

Daily Ballad