Quick Said The Bird

Nick and Melissa Morrow, Rachel Bell, Steve Riche, Jacob Bosecker and Andrew Meador.

Quick Said the Bird is a bit of a homemade band. We were the kids who grew up banging on pots and pans…and, depending on what suits the song, might still employ them. At one of our first shows, a friend dubbed us “an atmospheric folk orchestra,” and we liked that. Inspired by the likes of the Beatles and the Beach Boys, we just want to combine accessibility and creativity, writing memorable tunes and arranging them in imaginative ways. Fans and critics have likened our style to Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine, and even “Sigur Ros’ little American brother.”

We’re a group of people with similar musical philosophies that came together first as friends, then as collaborative songwriters, and finally as a band. Live, we are a small, tight-knit group; but offstage, we’re an amoebic collective who take all comers and make a hobby out of trying to con classical musicians into adding to our backyard micro-symphony. And we’re notorious for trying to talk anyone who visits the Lakehouse (where our makeshift recording studio dwells) into singing with us.

Our upcoming album, “Passion & Order,” is a candid exploration of romance, marriage, and the transcendent interconnectivity between men and women. The instrumentation is as decidedly raw as the subject matter, utilizing almost entirely acoustic instruments and very few studio effects- a conscious limitation that focused our songwriting, sharpened our arranging skills, and inspired us to discover new instruments. The ambitious vision for this album, four years in the making, forced us to build new relationships, write and record in places we never imagined, and ultimately, produce an album that we would want to listen to. And while it may be true that all the listener hears is the finished product, we hope we haven’t buffed out too many of the imperfections... We hope to meet you soon, and we’ll probably ask you to sing with us!





1 songs


The Advocate

6 songs

01 Piano Bench
02 The Infamous Mrs. Stone
03 Palms Down Breathe In
04 The Spirit
05 The Advocate
06 The Counselor, the Comforter, the Ghost