Prowlers and The Prey

Jeff Kelly - Vocals/Banjo/Guitar Kyra Waltz - Vocals/Piano John Fell- Guitar Matt Suever- Guitar/Vocals Blake Leonard- Drums JD King- Bass
Founded in November 2014, Prowlers & the Prey is still a fresh faced band in the Indianapolis music scene. Powerful vocals and songwriting, married with musicians of diverse backgrounds and influences ranging from jazz, blues, folk, metal, and opera places Prowlers & the Prey in a musical category all their own. Voiced by Kyra Waltz, Matt Suever and Jeff Kelly and backed by the talents of JD King, John Fell, and Blake Leonard, this six-piece band packs a punch. Ranging from heartfelt ballads in the image of Fleetwood Mac to gritty stomp-your-feet numbers that would make Tom Waits crack a smile, this band is looking to carve their own niche in the Midwest music scene, and they are looking to do it fast.



2 songs

02 Red Light USA
01 Bury Me