Otto Mobile and the Moaners

Matt Lundquist - guitar, vocals, pedal steel / Connor O'Sullivan - bass, keys / Elliott Peck - vocals, keys / Rob Schwartz - drums
Otto Mobile is the songwriting journey of Matt Lundquist during his time here on Earth. At the time of this bio, he reckons he has written over 300 songs - 50 of which he is not ashamed to play. Otto and the Moaners is a vast league of players that have supported Lundquist's song habit at shows and recordings. Leaping gracefully along the continuum between string band and electric rock and roll, Otto's outfit is always Original Modern Vintage. His only album, Lost Songs of Otto Mobile, was a solo recording project that included a talented blend of Hoosiers and Oberlin graduates and was recorded to 1" tape at House of Faith studios in Oakland. Album #2, The Rise and Fall of Otto Mobile, will be ready in 2012 and is being recorded by Connor O'Sullivan at his home in San Francisco. Otto is proud to name drop some wonderful teammates over the years: Toby Oler - banjo, Emery Barter - guitar, Nate Brenner - bass, Matt Nelson - sax, Ben Andrews - fiddle/mandolin, Chris Padgett - guitar, Melissa McGinley - fiddle, Ryan Deasy - bass, Ben Fowler - drums, Jon Lundquist - guitar, Joshee Ellison - bass, Justin Browning - drums Matt Lundquist is also a pedal steel player for TVMike and the Scarecrowes, Odawas, Toby Oler, Payton Brothers/220 Breakers. He has dual citizenship in Bloomington, IN and Oakland, CA.


Lost Songs of Otto Mobile

5 songs

Fall Comes to Us All
Some Night
Burn On
Evelyn Rose
Sweet Delusion

Restless Sun

4 songs

Ol' Blue
One Step
Guilty As Charged
Restless Sun