Aaron Bragg - guitar/vox Erik Fox - drums/vox
Aaron and Erik were painting a ceiling, talking about bands like Baxter Kid Disaster and ari.ari., and wanting to revive that energetic sound and feel. They recorded their first untitled EP at Taylor University with Luke Collins in six hours. The EP, along with the large pizza consumed during recording, has disappeared somewhere. One year later, they returned to Taylor University and recorded what would eventually become the "OF" 7" EP. It was released on Flannelgraph Records, Jan. 26, 2010, and showed signs of an exciting new band from Indiana that wasn't folk. Now, they continue to play wherever asked, and try bringing along as many people as possible. With the influences of Black Flag, Fucked Up, Sonic Youth, Death From Above 1979, beer and best friends, Osteoferocious just wants to have fun.