The Nods (Even Homer Nods)

Patrick Bower, Luc Rodgers, Brian Sowers, Kristen Bower, Sarah Ferguson, Rob Smith, Robert Gowin, Casey Tennis, Shannon Farrell, Kylie Sempsrott & Brett Sempsrott.
First conceived as a faux soundtrack band to a nonexistent 60's vampire movie, Even Homer Nods (and later, The Nods) ultimately became an honest-to-goodness rock band, albeit one with enough eccentricities and nervous tics to give an army of analysts pause. It was begun by Patrick Bower, its chief singer and songwriter and Luc Rodgers, bassist and multi-instrumentalist. The other membership ebbed and flowed, at one time including a percussionist, viola player and two keyboardists in addition to the nuclear band members. Needless to say, the live shows were a bit of a zoo, but they quickly earned acclaim for their lively, tense and theatrical performances, sharing stages with a variety of their favorite bands over the years, including My Morning Jacket, Yo La Tengo, US Maple, Mike Viola and many others. Everything, of course, has a beginning and end. Their last tour disintegrated after the van caught on fire (miraculously) in the rain. Luc hitch-hiked home. Patrick caught a train to NYC, where he still lives, and the rest found their way back to the midwest, mostly relieved that it was over. All told, their musical output was slim, consisting of only two EPs and one full-length. The latter two were recorded and produced by Zero Boy (and John Mellencamp producer) Paul Mahern. Paul Mahern released their second EP on his own label, Affirmation Records. Patrick Bower still makes music under his own name and that of his band, The World Without Magic in Brooklyn, USA.