The Never Setting Suns

Corey Larrison Tyler Griffin Chris Courts

The Never Setting Suns are three good friends from Cincinnati, OH. They came together in the summer of 2008 when Corey Larrison and Tyler Griffin started writing noise rock songs and covering Never Ending Math Equation by Modest Mouse on Sunday afternoons in Tyler’s parent’s basement.

That August they were asked to play their first show at a local pirate themed laser tag arena for an all-night laser tag party and decided to ask Chris Courts, Corey’s roommate and one of Tyler’s best friends, to pick up the bass for a few songs in the set. They ended up playing a 1am to 6am show, five hours of Neil Young covers, experimental indie rock and a few games of laser tag. That morning as they finished packing up and the sun was starting to rise, they couldn’t help but agree to be a band. With Corey studying Education & Physics at the University of Cincinnati, they began playing local bars and coffee shops around the campus. Soon they were opening up for larger national acts including The Whigs, The Features, Crash Kings and The Toadies. Having adopted a DIY ethic from a love for Ian MacKaye, Fugazi and similar american indie rock groups, the Never Setting Suns decided to invest heavily in their local scene and make their songs available as independently as possible, all the while experimenting with gear and pedal board designs.

Alongside of supporting larger national acts, they began playing in smaller rural areas, putting together shows in old warehouses, church gymnasiums, living rooms, art studios and on two occasions, storefronts inside a mall. Along this diy vein, they recorded their debut self-titled EP in a friend’s one room apartment dubbed Live Love Studios, releasing it on March 6th, 2009. They went on from there to release their first full length album, And Now We’re Not Alone, on March 20th 2010, recorded at Ultrasuede Studios, formerly the home studio of King Records taken over by John Curley of The Afghan Whigs. The album was recorded and mixed by their friend and engineer Chad Whalbrink. Chad had already recorded some of the best indie bands in Cincinnati at the time and just graduated high school a month before the recording session with the Never Setting Suns. Both of these recordings have been made available on iTunes, Amazon, etc… and are being entirely self-promoted. In the past few months, the Never Setting Suns have recorded their second full length album at the Monastery Studios with Rich Hordinski of Over the Rhine and are preparing to release it late 2011. Stanford University’s Alumni Association has also licensed their song “What the Earth Can’t Hold” for a web series they’ve filmed called Golf Cart Confessions.


And Now We're Not Alone

3 songs

What The Earth Can't Hold
Why Do You Stand Here Looking At The Sky?
Explosions in the Sky

The Never Setting Suns

5 songs

Made of Hearts and Four Leaf Clovers
Stupid Girl, Crazy Horse
Fluorescent Sunups
Explosions in the Sky (EP)
Wrapped in Plaster