Mula Kkhan

Mula Kkhan
Mula Kkhan is a 23 year old hip/hop artist from the west side of Indianapolis. He is part of a local rap association called See The World Collective. This group of rappers promote not only local music and good vibes but also share their inspiring stories and philosophies with people that hear their music. His inspiration for this craft comes from his life experiences, surroundings and his passion for the music. Mula Kkhan has been heavily influenced by UGK, Three Six Mafia, OutKast, and Lil Jon. Mula Kkhan has managed to pave a new path in the music scene in Indianapolis. He also has managed to coin the phrase "Catch This Wave." which inspires his listeners to truly attach themselves to the music and vibe with every song.



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Dennis (Feature) - The Set