Mouth Dakota

Justin Wood and occasional others.
MOUTH DAKOTA since 2005 has been the lo-fi music project of Justin Wood with roots running deep in Northwest Indiana and Chicago land. His debut album ‘Vladimir The Platypus’ (2006) was a collection of various home recordings, mostly analog based and recorded on a 4-track. Very few original copies are in circulation but the digital files are available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud for free. On Bandcamp you can read a short story about each song if you click on individual songs. MOUTH DAKOTA’s second album ‘The Returning Levellers’ (2009) is a much larger and eclectic collection of home recordings spanning three years, and packed full of life stories from childhood and beyond, which is also currently available digitally on Soundcloud. Shortly after ‘The Returning Levellers’, a musical collaboration was formed between Justin and longtime friend David Gapinski to write, record, and produce the project ,TWO DARK TRIANGLES ‘The Demise Of The Wildebeest’, an album that sincerely touches on death, relationships, and the death of relationships. You can find this album on Bandcamp for free as well. Thanks!



3 songs

We Will Share Solitude (From Upcoming Album "You, Are The Good Sense")
Black Will Suit Me For The Winter (From "Vladimir The Platypus")
De La Rosa (From "The Returning Levellers")