Molly June

Molly June is an American recording artist & songwriter born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. With a love and interest for all genres of music, Molly June's musical career began during her years in middle school when she received her first guitar as a gift. After that, Molly began writing and creating songs which expressed her thoughts and views on love, social issues and fun times. Highly influenced by and a fan of hip hop, Molly participated in a freestyle competition during high school and realized that her love for hip hop wasn't just for listening and enjoying, but now for creating and sharing. Throughout her college years at Indiana University, Molly June worked with local label, Alpha Pack Records where she began to sharpen her talents as an artists and built her fanbase upon campus showcases and live events. After releasing part 1 from her "A Typical Daisy" EP series on Halloween of 2015, Molly June is preparing for her 2016 "Hello Daisy Midwest Tour". Currently living in Indianapolis, independent and unsigned, Molly June is collaborating with producers and DJs throughout Europe and America while living life one day at a time as an "Urban Hippie".



2 songs

01 Unorthodox
01 Other Side