The Miracle Vitamins

Rob Courtney, Russ Courtney
Welcome to The Miracle Vitamins on Music Family Tree! We hope that you will have a listen to our music with open ears. Our debut album, "Dogs on Tethers" is available now. We hope you will enjoy a stream of those songs here! We promise to deliver new music prolifically, and to play across the country as often as possible. Of course, this may require some help from our friends. Can you host an acoustic / mellow house show for us, or can you help us set up a show in your city? Send us an e-mail at We enjoyed an excellent tour this past summer thanks to people like you! We wrote, recorded, mixed, and performed everything on "Dogs on Tethers" while the two of us were living in relatively distant cities (Russ in Cleveland, Rob in Indianapolis). We are extremely indebted to the marvel of broadband internet and modern digital recording. "No music fan can resist the siren song allure of Beautiful Misery, and Toledo fans will now have a new way to get divinely sad. Toledo brothers Russ and Rob Courtney, who record and perform as The Miracle Vitamins, make a pretty kind of folk-inflected indie rock, in the vein of higher-profile acts like Bon Iver or Fleet Foxes, but shot through with a sharp melancholy of their own. It might be a timeless sort of music, but Miracle Vitamins’ full-length debut, Dogs On Tethers, which the brothers Courtney hope to officially release later this year, is something of a tribute to the present moment—all of the songs on it were recorded while the brothers lived in separate Midwestern cities, and were assembled through the miracle of the internet. And the songs are an engaging mix of the sacred and profane, the heartfelt and the hyper-literate. (“Beauty in Your Brevity” name-checks Kafka and Robert Frost.) “I wish I was Jesus, trying to fight back,” the brothers mourn on “Love, Love, Love,” followed by a resigned shrug. “Don’t bother with the cross; I am plenty dead enough.” When they sing it, it doesn’t sound so bad". -Toledo City Paper



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Love, Love, Love
Beauty in your Brevity
Go Back to L.A.
Dogs on Tethers