Merc Versus

Merc Versus

Called "a prophet" by the legendary Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Killah Priest and "nice with the pen" by Skoob of Das EFX. Suffering soul. Starving artist. Indiana/midwest hip hop veteran. Universal Zulu Nation chapter leader. Bedlam Brethren founder. Cancer survivor. Radio host. Cultural critic. Has worked with Kevlaar 7, C-Rayz Walz, Chief Kamachi, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, John Robinson (Scienz of Life, Stretch & Bobbito) and more. Has shared the stage with Wisemen, Def Jux/106 & Park alumnus C-Rayz Walz, Twista, Cap D, Del tha Funkee Homosapien (Gorillaz), Killah Priest, Kinetic 9 of Killarmy, Christ Bearer of NorthStar (TMZ), Black Sheep (Native Tongues), One Be Lo, Timbo King (Ghost Dog movie), Canibus, Doodlebug of the Grammy Award-winning Digable Planets, Serengeti (Anticon), Das Efx, Glue (former Scribble Jam champ Adeem, Maker, DJ DQ), Afrika Bambaataa, and more.



1 songs

Crispus Attucks

The Suffering Soul EP

4 songs

Suffering Soul
King of Beasts
Ghost in the Shell
Shemhamphorasch (SandRose Remix)


3 songs

Hunger Games