Jim Rawlinson (vocals, guitar) Jim Shaffer (bass) Benjamin Hunt (drums) (Ian Phillips, bass / Kris Peterson, bass)

Former members of Brazil, Loretta and Jim Fix come together in this no frills, in your face rock band. Schooled in the DIY hardcore/punk culture of the 1990s, but flavored with the spacey heavy riffs of bands like Hum, Sunny Day Real Estate and Local H, Maravich have been a part of the Indianapolis independent music scene since roughly 2007. The original lineup featured Jim Rawlinson on guitar and voclas, Benjamin Hunt on drums and Kris Peterson (ex-About the Fire) on bass. Ian Phillips (Horizon, Wasteland DC, Razor Shines, Rise Over Run) came on board for the formative years of the band and then the lineup was solidified when former Loretta bassist Jim Shaffer replaced him. Maravich feature heavy guitars and huge drums battling it out over anthemic melodies. They have a number of DIY releases and released their first full length LP "When Am I Now" in 2018.





When Am I Now

3 songs

Maravich - Ghosts
Maravich - Oxytocin
Maravich - Stay Golden


4 songs

In the End
Goonies Never Say Die
Make It Take It
All We Ever Wanted

Maravich Greatest Shit (misc)

3 songs

No More Heroes
Kokomo Hum


5 songs

Out There
Life or Limb
Go On Without You