The Makor

elsoul,yosef the artist
The Makor, is soul upbeat hip hop DOU that consist of (ELSOUL/YOSEF THE ARTIST) that delivers soothing lyrics with a very unique blend of old school meets news school type of FLOW,also with every song you get a topic that can elevate the mind.ELSOUL26, YOSEF the artist 24,has been at the scene since 2014 when they formed in OHIO after moving from indy in 2013 now back in 2016,Elsoul who's real name is Daniel parker grew up in indy mostly on the east side.As,for Chrsitian Lancaster is the same grew up on east side,these came together to dedicate thier talent into better the communities of the world with a talent and clever rymes.Thier lyrics promote peace thought and unity and to fight against pollution of the evryday life,the word (MAKOR meaning is source) .but a source to what?which would be to unlocking the greatest you in this lifetime.



2 songs