Mad Monk & Apache Dropout

John Terrill AKA The Mad Monk w/ Apache Dropout (Sonny Blood, Anu Nath, Lord Fyre)

 Mad Monk is John Terrill, original member of the late '70s new/no wave Dancing Cigarettes and veteran of many stripped down Hoosier groups since. As an ace singer/songwriter and eternal student of rock 'n' roll's high/gulcher culture, he's kept a criminally low profile snug in the Midwest despite drawing attention from songwriter Bill Fay and other major/minor music heads.

This platter lines up the Monk's two newest biographical orchestrations -- and a Velvet Underground bootleg favorite -- with the freakbeat backup of Apache Dropout -- fresh off their Trouble In Mind album. In blasted proto-style the Monk takes on his past ("My Wild Life"), drink of choice ("Double Shot of Brandy") and a tune that bridges Apache Dropout's boogie and avant-garde notions ("I'm Not a Young Man Anymore"). Comes in full color sleeve with download code in edition of 500 copies. Recorded in mono by John Dawson and Lord Fyre at Magnetic South on analogue equipment.

Released: October 16, 2012


My Wild Life

3 songs

My Wild Life
Double Shot of Brandy
I'm Not a Young Man Anymore