Lucid The Dreamwaker

Askia Shareef
Lucid the Dreamwaker creates an out of this world vibe through alternative acoustics and subjects for people who wish to enjoy unique styles in a positive and healthier format. He solves the lack of depth and spiritualrepresentation that people desire to experience in music, and seeks to disrupt the industry by creatively expressing ideas that are rarely found outside of special studies in a consumable method. Light-hearted, happy, upbeat, non-formal, member space, relaxing, colors… The wide range of styles that are characteristic of his music, yet what stands out most is the combination of modern synth-pop with classic hip-hop to form an ideal higher conscious form of music that inspires, motivates and educates every time, triggering the analysis and discussions of topics that need to be dealt with and action taken for the welfare of all peoples. The mission: to transform the lives of people one person at a time!



2 songs

This Way Before
All These Drugs Ft General Spazz