The Lickers

Rebel Jane (Mills), Jennifire Diamond (Bryant), Guitar-Liker Gwen (Noel), Scott H8 (Tolley)

Rising from the ashes of Indianapolis punk favorites No Where Good Fast, Dirty Little Secrets plus the nerdpop of God Made Robots. The Lickers began when guitarist Jennifire and bassist Rebel Jane started writing songs in January 2011.They were joined with Gwen and the lone male member of the band, Scott, almost a year after songwriting began. They premiered their live show in January 2012, released a DIY EP titled “Six Tits and a Dick” and first full lenght album "Get Licker'd" in 2014.

The Lickers have created an infectious and raw sound filled with big, dirty chords and classic riffs mixed with sneering vocals and shimmering harmonies. Drawing from the best of Nirvana, Babes in Toyland, Elastica, The Eyeliners, and the Runaways.

A new album is being written, slated to be released in 2018.




Six Tits and A Dick EP

5 songs

The Lickers - Six Tits and a Dick - 01 1234
The Lickers - Six Tits and a Dick - 02 Make You Mine
The Lickers - Six Tits and a Dick - 03 Vyvyan
The Lickers - Six Tits and a Dick - 04 Another State of Mind
The Lickers - Six Tits and a Dick - 05 Go Away

Get Licker'd

8 songs

The Lickers - Get Lickerd - 01 Cougar - Copy
The Lickers - Get Lickerd - 02 Do Me One More Time
The Lickers - Get Lickerd - 03 Enabler
The Lickers - Get Lickerd - 04 Id Rather Die
The Lickers - Get Lickerd - 05 Kick You To The Curb
The Lickers - Get Lickerd - 06 The Ballad of Sue Gordon
The Lickers - Get Lickerd - 07 Whisky-Beer
The Lickers - Get Lickerd - 08 Why