Learner Dancer

M, L, P, S, J, J, J...

"Learner Dancer are a spacey, krauty, psych-rock collective who embrace the legacy of all things slightly warped, and whose recent output defines them as a group of artists in full command of the dark secrets that linger in the places where music meets magick." -Jon Rogers, Musical Family Tree

"Learner Dancer uses a controlled non-heirarchic mess of Velvet Underground, Spacemen 3, and krautrock influence to push the cerebral frontier line forward, a "calling out to new institutions and activities" of the mind like answering a call to Frederick Jackson Turner's time tested American Frontier Thesis. But this ain't no manifest destiny. This shit is raw, pony-tailed, dirty American psychedelia with very little contrition and just enough shitty attitude. But enough verbosity, follow some links and buy their god damn record before it ends up on Ebay in 20 years as a $500 record geek's testament to a brief pocket in millenial midwest mind expansion." - Peter Billingsly, Brooklyn, New York, 2010

"It was nutty," - Ritchie Romance.

""...from Indianapolis, Indiana presents you with a ticket, a ticket for a ride to the center of the haze. From the first reverb heavy vocal line to last of the spaced out guitar work this album takes you places. The trancing journey soars through drum machines, synth sounds, echo, fuzz and more fuzz held afloat by driving repetitive bass lines and rhythmic percussion. Which launch the listener on a free fall down a dark bottomless pit.
Self recorded at their practice space this first glimpse at Learner Dancer leaves us waiting for more." - Commune Records

"...there’s a buzzing, rumbling darkness to each Learner Dancer tune that’s anything but basic. Like Joy Division, Learner Dancer does more with less, creating spooky, twitching musical sketches that echo in the shadows of your mind. " - Metromix

"Brutal shit-fi psychedelia from the Crossroads of America." -the decibel tolls

"The stoner prog of Learner Dancer inhabited a mind-space all its own; they were five men with disparate taste, coming together to create hazy but intricate music that jammed without being repetitive or indulgent."   and   "Learner Dancer, a Bloomington duo whose stuff might be classified as chillwave, in a non-lame sense." - NUVO


"Fortune Teller/Forever Today" 7"

2 songs

Fortune Teller
Forever Today

Learner Dancer

2 songs

Radiation Chile
Dark Glow