Last Four Digits

The Last Four (4) Digits - Mike Sheets, John Koss, Richard Worth, Steve Grigdesby, Dave Fulton The Last Four (5) Digits - Dave Fulton, Mike Sheets, Julie Huffacker, Brad Garton, John Koss

Formed in 1982 on the heels of the break up of the Last Four (4) Digits, L5D invented and promoted "abstract commercialism." Taking themes from pop culture, including commercial jingles and TV show themes, the band attracted a rabid following during the eighteen months they were in existence. They completed a tour of the east coast which included successful gigs at CBGB's in Manhattan and Maxwell's in Hoboken, and returned to Indy to headline a punk show at the Vogue nightclub, promoted by Bill Levin. At the time, punk and new wave was virtually unheard of at the Vogue. The event was so noteworthy that local TV stations had reporters providing live coverage of the concert from the sidewalk in front of the nightclub. The next day, the Last Four (5) Digits broke up, only to reunite in part as the even quirkier "We're Jimmy Hoffa" band.



3 songs

Don't Move
Mack The Knife
Act Like Nothing's Wrong