Large Bee

Benjamin Masbaum, Zachary Petersen, Jack Spencer, Brent Carroway
With many former bands contained in their portfolio, Large Bee sort of picks up where Lafcadio left off. Ok, so that actually is not an accurate description. Let's start over. Large Bee stole the Math Rock aspect of Lafcadio and left behind the Metal aspect for "Freemason", not the secret society but the band formed by Jon Daily and Zach Petersen shortly after Lafcadio's demise. Masbaum and Petersen began trying Carroway on drums. Shortly after, the obvious choice for Bass would be long time friend, Jack spencer from the early turn of the century Indy based noise rock duo, Melk the G6 4-9. Now, deep in a secluded basement of Broad Ripple, Large Bee adds and subtracts counts and measures making it just a bit harder to listen to rock and roll without saying "whaaaaat?"


Evenings in the Basement of the Bee Hive (Basement Demo)

3 songs

Nun chuck Hero
Yack Yong

New Album

1 songs

The Hero Will Fall To The Throne