Kool's Bazaar

Rich Trotman, AshLee Baskin, Cassius Goes, Joe Elliott
Kool’s Bazaar’s (Kb) genesis, birthed from the vision of young musical composer, Rich Trotman, took flight in June of 2008. Kb is a creative collective of multi-instrumentalists and artists that play original progressive sounds with silences. The influence comes from a fusion of jazz, blues, soul, EDM, hip- hop, and rock. Kb is a band that expresses and encompasses the theoretical, emotional, and aesthetic qualities of music, while staying true to its form. Conceptually, Kb is just like any other band. There is a vocalist, keyboardist, bassist, percussionist and drummer that make up its core. However, when you peel back the layers, you find a mix of complex artist(s) who are thoughtful and intentional about the ways in which they create and think about music. Imagine, one unified machine on the outside and when you pry the machine open, you see an abundance of knobs, wires, cords, sockets, and gears all controlled by tiny entities that work in harmony to produce the sound that you hear. Kb engineers sound in such a way that propels the social messages (present in the songs) to a place that can be felt and internalized by the audience. During Kb’s live performances, they strive to captivate the audience AND facilitate memorable eargasmic utopian bliss filled experiences! Kb wants to leave YOU walking away repeating lyrics to songs that fill them with purpose, challenge them to think of the world in a new way, question the status quo AND feel good. It is not just about the head nod. It is about the journey and the energy that it takes to evolve from a head nod to full action. So yes Kb is “kool like that” because they engage the crowd, make them think dance, and think.



2 songs

Internet Imagery Sample
Emergency Sample