The Kimmie & Johnny Trailer Trash Combo

Kimmie F'n Green Eyez, Johnny Profane
Country PUNK. Real people. Real feelings. Real music. Kimmie & Johnny are a Bloomington & Bedford, Indiana-based, song-writing Country Punk band. We’re the #1 Country Band on the Reverbnation website. Former cult members and defrocked professionals, a year ago we were homeless on Bloomington’s streets. Now we're ripping up the MidWest touring scene. Former cult members and defrocked professionals, a year ago we were homeless on Bloomington’s streets. KIMMIE F'N GREEN EYEZ Daughter of an outlaw. Kimmie spent a terrifying, 9th-grade night staring into the business end of sawed-off shotguns—as Chicago cops demolished her home hunting for her dad’s .38. Former Jesus Freak. she walked out of a cruel Pentecostal Church when a sweating pastor closeted her, bullying her into signing a loyalty oath—after 25 years and hundreds of thousands of tithe dollars. Mother of 7. Grandmother of 13. She’s built lives—witnessing the true miracles of life. Kimmie has lived one hell of a LIFE—way the fuck out on the edges. Wild to channel her exploding heart after losing her religion—and church-ordained 28-year marriage—she picked up the guitar at age 56. What poured forth was the song of her soul. Smothered for decades by preachers, parishioners, paternalistic men, family and societal expectations—Kimmie has a few things to say: About religions rooted in fear—and greed. Women in a man’s world. Scrutinizing taboos. Finding meaning—without benefit of a god. Honoring the ecstasy of being fully human. The power of Love. Kimmie sings about angles and angels you just may overlook. "You'll LOVE me—or HATE me. But give me a listen." — Kimmie JOHNNY PROFANE Former cult member. Defrocked therapist. Wannabe standup comic. One hell of a finger-pickin’ guitarist. He sings about insanity. Homelessness. Pain. Bliss. Balance. LIFE. Johnny Profane writes A D U L T Alternative/Country/Blues songs, best known for “After Things Fall Apart” (about his stay on Bloomington Hospital’s psych ward), “(Just Pour) Another Shot of Liquor” — and his solo guitar instrumentals, “Fantasy in Blue” and “Hammer & Nailz.” "I'm not here to entertain you. I'm here to piss you off. And get you off your ass.... I'm just an entertainer. Don't believe a word I say. Figger it out fer yerself. You owe yourself at least that much." — Johnny Profane Below are info resources. eM: FB: RB: Tw:



6 songs

Sippin Bad Coffee (LIVE)
Surfer Girl (LIVE)
The Dirt Song (LIVE)
Another Shot of Liquor (LIVE)
El Camino (Demo)
Don't Kiss Me (LIVE)