Kilgore Trout

Brad Odom - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals Rocky Rodriguez - Drums/Percussion Shawna Ping - Keyboard/Synth/Backing Vocals Johnny Ping - Lead Guitar/backing Vocals John Jett - Bass
Indianapolis based/Vonnegut inspired. High energy with eclectic blend of original rock music. Always entertaining! Inspired by local author Kurt Vonnegut Kilgore Trout know no boundaries when performing their eclectic blend of original rock music. Always they explore and transcend the rock and blues genres with a creative mix of original songs. Often times their songs are rooted in country-esque, bluesy style but never shying away from the motion of raw punk at once, within the same song while At times the songs extend out with a jam band based element with long verses and intriguing lyrical arrangements. This five-piece takes it's name from Indianapolis based esteemed fiction writer Kurt Vonnegut. Vonnegut often wrote of a writer called Kilgore Trout which many readers and fans interpreted as a pseudonym. Like Kilgore Trout the writer, who mixed many genres of literary style and could not be pigeoned-holed into one particular style, the band of said name attempts to apply the same rules to rock music. So it goes....the brain child of Brad Odom Kilgore Trout began as a collaboration between he and a group called Fernhead, led by Steve Smith. The band was officially named by Cootie Crabtree (by winner of a weird contest). Members parted ways and the line up evolved into a six-piece band consisting of members from various successful musical ensembles from around the Indianapolis music scene. Kilgore Trout is truly representation of a collaboration of some of the best musical talent talent Indianapolis has to offer. "The universe is a big place, perhaps the biggest..." Their first album "Maniacs From the 4th Dimension in the Era of Hopeful Monster" was released in July 2014 recorded by Scott Kern at Fairhope Studios



4 songs