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Fronted by tattooed blonde bombshell Lindsay Manfredi, American rock outfit Kaleidostars delivers powerful hooks, punk energy, and a glam rock swagger with aspirations to move audiences worldwide with a bold, ambitious, and inspired sound. In some ways Lindsay Manfredi is a throwback to a 90s riot grrrl: a fearless, confident, and brainy feminist who is actively engaged in social causes (e.g., Lindsay is one of the co-founders of Girls Rock Indy!, a rock camp for teenage girls). Lindsay’s voice can be juxtaposed from gritty and raw to sweet and melodic sometimes within the same song. Lindsay is also a gifted lyricist delivering lines like “heading there, brace for impact” (“Autograph”) and “we tend to take advice from lost souls” (“Soar”). It is clear to the engaged listener that Lindsay has a lot on her mind that she needs to express musically to connect with people experiencing their own hopes, dreams, and struggles.

Kalediostars formed from the ashes of Neon Love Life, an all-girl group Lindsay fronted that called it quits when its guitarist was accepted to Yale after gaining notoriety with an indie debut album and a hectic tour schedule. Lindsay met future Kaleidostars’ band mates Eric Klee Johnson and Marc Johnson at The Pop Machine recording studios in Indianapolis where Eric and Marc produced a Neon Love Life track for “Forevermind”, a tribute record commemorating the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s “Nevermind”. The Johnson-Manfredi-Johnson collaboration was a success scoring over 70,000 downloads of the release. “It was natural for us to work together after the disbandment of Neon Love Life,” said Eric. “We have common musical sensibilities and a drive to make timeless, not timely, music”. Kaleidostars recruited drummer Brian Fields, an accomplished session and touring musician with whom the Johnsons worked with on a Jane Jensen album.

Eric and Marc last collaborated musically in the paisley underground band, Wonderdrug. Eric and Marc are record producers and mix engineers who have worked with the Airborne Toxic Event, Cold Stares, Tokyo Police Club, and John Waite who oversee the recording of the K-Stars’ music.

Marc Johnson is a rock guitar phenom that colors Kaleidostars’ sound with an iconic Gibson-Marshall guitar sound who crafts muscular riffs worthy of Mick Ronson, Jimmy Page, or Jack White. Bassist Eric Klee Johnson and drummer Brian Fields interlock to provide a sturdy sonic foundation that is sometimes groovy, sometimes straight-ahead – always powerful. Kaleidostars released their debut single “From Here” in 2012 and have pledged to release (at least) one song every month during 2013; January’s installment was the arena rock love anthem “Soar”; February’s installment was the gritty, slide guitar rocker, “Autograph. The individually released tracks (available for digital download and streamed online at Bandcamp and Soundcloud) will ultimately compile Kaleidostars’ debut release on Indie 500 records.



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Autograph (I'm Gone)