Josh Mckenney

Josh Mckenney - Everthing

At the age of nine, Josh Mckenney picked up his first guitar and started playing (Badly). His father felt it was best to set him up with a guitar teacher, named James, at Music Station in Avon, Indiana. Josh looked up to this man, and learned everything his new teacher had to offer.

When it was time, Josh eventually said his goodbyes and began teaching himself, sitting next to his radio and learning new songs by ear. Eventually he decided it was time to write his own music.

After struggling with the right sound, the right genre, and also delivering the right lyrics, to make his music worth listening to, he finally found himself enjoying Folk and Bluegrass music. With his upbeat, and energetic style, he noticed people were enjoying his music a lot more. Yes, he does play different genre's every now and then, but Folk and Bluegrass are what he enjoys to play.

So, feel free to take some time and listen to what Josh Mckenney has to offer. If you enjoy his music, show him some support and let him know he's doing a good job. :)