jascha, Jordan Updike, Bryan Unruh, Nathan Lucas

The evolution of singer-songwriter-turned-community-project-turned-full-on-band jascha. finds itself enjoying its latest musical mutation. Over the past year, jascha. has come into its own, filtering a penchant for Fleet Foxes-esque four part harmonies into a diverse indie rock sound that at once recalls Built to Spill, Modest Mouse and Arcade Fire.

Propelled by the introspective lyrics of lead singer/songwriter Jascha, the “…whiskey-drenched rock/gospel-folk inspired sounds we’ve come to love from this band (MyOldKentuckyBlog.com)” finds itself on 7 inches of vinyl with its latest EP release, "At The Mouth Of The Well Of The Twisted Serpent/Indianapolis: The Paris Of The Midwest," released by Standard Recording Company.

Their schizophrenic sound(s) are throwing promoters and press alike for a loop:

“…sounds like Jim James (of My Morning Jacket) jamming with Crazy Horse (NUVO),” raves a recent review of their latest single, while another pegs them as an “…unapologetically indie group…reminiscent of Elvis Costello and Bright Eyes, with a smattering of Nickel Creek thrown in for good measure."

Reviewers may find it difficult to aptly describe the band’s sound, but all agree the jascha. experience is “…blended into a fine malt of excellence (Indy Spectator)”

Having graced the stage with Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band, Bowerbirds, Seedy Seeds and Those Darlins, jascha. has developed a reputation for a deeply moving, electrifying live show that “…makes you feel encapsulated within the lost art of ..ZaptownMag.com).”



There's Nothing Like Love for Making You Miserable

3 songs

hide & seek
last honest man
waltz #4

At the Mouth of the Well of the Twisted Serpent/Indianapolis: the Paris of the Midwest

1 songs

The Devil's Own