Matt Fecher, Ryan Williams, Steve Hayes
It’s not too much of a stretch to say that IMN was a pretty important website to the city of Indianapolis. (It even won the overall “Best Website in Indianapolis” award in the annual NUVO Newsweekly “Best of Indy” awards). IMN was like MySpace & Facebook for the city of Indianapolis (before MySpace existed). During its heyday, IMN boasted over 10,000+ active users during its most popular time, featuring over 800+ local band micro-sites and literally hundreds of thousands of user driven event listings during 2001-2005. For more IMN, check out the WAYBACK MACHINE: was originally a custom programmed site started by Matt Fecher in 2001. Over the years, IMN evolved and was later helmed by the very talented duo of Steve Hayes & Ryan Williams.


Indy MP3 CD

170 songs

7 Degrees from Center -- Not One
7-ZARK-7 -- Toe Tapper
Autumns Descent -- Reflection
Barry Johnson -- Watchin Grandpa Watchin Me
Big Fun Reggae -- Dont Be A Pigeon For The Man
Calibretto -- Dont go into the Woods
Fiti Futuristic -- Cant Get Enough
Lunar Event -- Houston Doesnt Answer
Plastics Division -- Dont Throw Away
The Humans -- Cant Stand Up
Sarah Scharbrough -- Everytime
Stranger Lazy -- Roger Fentons Photographic Wagon
the blackSoil project -- lost
Tecumseh Flyers -- Corn Liquor
Steve Sobiech -- Body Talk
Stasia Demos -- Red Eyed Angel
The Retreads -- Weve Arrived
stallio -- open as raw
Stained Grass -- Sure Real
SpiL -- This Parade
Spicolie -- Eraser
SoulBus -- Get on the Bus
Solving for X -- Hey Darwin
Sloppy Seconds -- DIY till we die
SirReal -- Waste of Time
Sin-Say -- Time Bomb
Sidereal -- Separation
Shadyside Allstars -- Under the Neon
Sfumato -- From Me to You
Seven Against Thebes -- Seven
Sean and Kent -- Surprise Enemy
Rev Peyton -- My Soul To Keep
Sabrina Sigal Falls -- The Water is Wide
Rusty Bladen -- Smoke like a Train
Rodney Stepp - Walk In The Dark
Rochelle Bucher - Over You
Rob Costlow -- I Do
The Blues Cats -- Heartache Relief
Punkin Holler Boys -- Better Beer
Rhymefest -- Yard 2 Yard
Rich Hardesty - Steady High
Samsell -- Ashamed
Rebecca Lynn -- Really Want to Kiss You
Project Bottlecap -- New Beginnings
Pravada -- One Foot in Front of the Other
Buselli-Wallarab Jazz Orchestra -- Rockin Chair
The Clodhoppers -- Still Standing
The Common -- Monument
Quattra -- Brahms A minor, 4th mvmt
Shadeland -- Jump Kick
The Elect - After This Day
The End Game -- Shed the Skin
The Franchize -- I Got It
The Fuglees -- Smile Hello
The Jabs -- Here I Come
Post Modern Sounds -- Ocean
The Malcontents -- Trapped on the Right Track
The Nancy School -- Fustercluck
The Pieces -- SodaMachine
The Shivers -- Pixydust and Voodoo
The Slurs -- Sonic Offspring
The Spin -- Know Your Place
The Sulentic Brothers Band -- South Bend
The Tribute -- With Love Disaster
Tony Cheesebourough-- Another Thang Coming
Transient Frank -- Diggin to China
Unreel -- Forever Be
Up Scumbag -- Johnny of Knoxville
Whiskey Brothers -- Stronger
Wonderdrug -- Get Natural
X-Ray Roger Jimmy -- Carry the Weight
About the Fire -- Blame You
Paul Holdman -- Cheesecake
Play_Play$Productions -- Jenny
Pizzle -- Mobile Meth Lab
Piltdown Men -- Red Meat
Phyllis -- Making You Wait
Perfect Nothing -- Gen
Opiate -- Blind
Pale -- Maria
Otis Gibbs -- Small Town Saturday Night
noiseman -- capitalist colonial machine
Odyssey -- Betrayed
Northern Kind -- How Many Times
Niswander -- Read a Book
Nine Miles -- Walking Dead
Middletown -- Awful lot of Trouble
Mudkids -- 32-Until
Mother Grove -- Beltane
Mina Keohane Group -- And the Princess Screamed
Mike Turner -- Pieces Of Me
Mike Milligan and Steam Shovel -- On The Day When I Get Ther
Joel Henderson -- High Risk
Michael Clark -- Magnetic Kool
melk the g6-49 -- deeds
Mark Buselli -- Sophia
Mantis -- Choking On Forbidden Fruit
Majhas -- Workmans Comp
Loretta -- The Fire
Lo Woods -- Encore
Living Proof -- Price of a Dream
Liptocoal -- When I fall
Left Foot Moses -- The Man who Lost his Guns
Kremidas -- Marvin
Kim Archer - My Friend
Khara Lord -- Wasting My Time
Keith Swinney Band -- Ballad of Sin
Johnny Socko -- Old Skool Master
America Owns The Moon -- Everything Is Gay
Jes Richmond -- Indiana Sky
Jessica Weiser -- Loneliness
Jackson Pain -- Dnahtfel Ragus
Jennie Devoe -- Somebodys Daughter
Indyviduals -- Child Support
Into the Silence -- Call Me Susan While Your Idols Die
Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra -- Two Hungarian Dances
Gov Davis -- Blues with a Groove
In Kahoots -- Stepping Stones
Hot Club of Indy -- Canned Music
Hypnotic Velvet Propellers -- Serendipity
Hedgehogs -- Medley of Sad Songs
Greg Ziesemer -- National Road
Hellwinkle -- End
Healing Sixes -- Loretta left for Racine
Harakiri -- Cranklab
Groovatron -- Waffle House
Gogglesphere -- New Country
Duncan and Harshbarger -- Figure Eight
Go Dog Go -- All That Lonely
Ghetto Supastarz -- Neva Had
Fuzz -- Insight
Franny Hall -- Obstinate Delusion
Flowers For Leslie -- We were of that Disposition
Extra Blue Kind -- Leave Everything
Eighty-3 Feet -- Welcome Mat
F-6 -- Down and Out
Dystalis -- Descend the Sky
Drunken Deacons -- Old River Road
Dogtalk -- Homeland
Destination Earth -- Running Out of Limits
Devil to Pay -- Tractor Trailer
Deb Mullins -- Got To My Heart
Ann McWilliams -- Marking Time
Deanna Morae -- Lessons Learned
Danny Isaacs Band -- Love Away
Dave Barnes Band -- Simi-Naked Shoe-Shine
Arcade -- Bank of America
Archer Avenue -- Butterball
DaFilled - Stop Dreamin
Arminta -- Lonely
Ashworth -- Refine Me
Audible Thought -- mcjones
Barbara Bell -- Sleeping Beauty
Bear Like Mouse -- David Gahan Pulled a Knife
Chevy Downs -- Country Time
Becky Archibald -- Not Too Bad
Bittersweet and Briers -- Star of the County Down
Blueprint Music -- Stars for the Sun
Bonehorse -- Walking You Home
Brady Jacoba -- One Night Stand
Butterfly Toungz -- Life Goes By
Casey Harshbarger -- The Starship Battle
Castle Oldchair -- Another Big Ocean
Chris Granneman -- First Piano Concerto
Craig Laflin -- Girl with the Golden Fiddler
Conga Jazz -- Rendevous
Cliff Trowbridge -- A Salute To Our U.S. Veterans
Citizen Band -- Train Lights
Chris Coolidge -- Song about Nothing
Cynthia Layne -- Feel Me & city of music mp3 compilation (2001)

118 songs

7DFC_Vacant Room
Afterlife_The Child
Afterlife_Whos to Say
Aggrivated Minds_LIB
Aggrivated Minds_Someone
Amy Stephens Group_Oh Brother
Amy Stephens Group_Other Side of the Mountain
Ann McWilliams_Denial
Ann McWilliams_Sister Luna
Archies Address_Day
Ashworth_Refine Me
Beyond Earth_Truth Is True
Buckra_Lawn Man
Catalepsy Here to Greet the End
ChickenLeg.org_chicken claw
ChickenLeg.org_mississippi drive-by
Deanna Morae_I Know
Deanna Morae_Red Brick Road
Deb Mullins_Got to My Heart
Diamonds and Rust_Serpentine
Diamonds and Rust_Step Inside This House
DJ Papabear_Chasing Dreams
DJ Papabear_The Phoenix (Rise Above Mix)
Extra Blue Kind_Joe Gray
Extra Blue Kind_Luna
Fail Safe_Break Down
Forty Inch Vertical_Blue
Governor Davis_Blues Thang
Governor Davis_Goodtime Baby
Hate Paste_anesthesiology
Incognito_Loathe To Recall
Ironjaw_2 Paths
JANCIK_Ancient One
Jessica Weiser_Consolation
Jessica Weiser_the_drive
JimmyProof_through the open door
Joe Cheesman_Mary
Lady G_Deadbeat Daddy
Loretta_Dear Brown
Max Allen And The Jam Band - Track 03
Medicated Becky_candy thrown happy
Medicated Becky_conversion method
Middletown_Liar to the Fool
Middletown_This Time
Mike Kelsey_So Complicated
mmf_justaphase remix
Mother Grove_Pray
Mother Grove_Trip to Alaska
Never Wonder_Sissy Girl
Niswander_Funky Space
Niswander_Surfin with Jesus
No Star_Just A Phase
No Star_Phratboys in the House
OPN_Chance In Hell
Paradox44_Cold July
Paradox44_Sleep Forever
Pub Sigs_Dumb Luck
Pub Sigs_get out of the way
Redneck Rubberband_Tickle Belly Hill
Roger Baker Sunday Morning
Royston Lloyd_Professional Bohemian
Sacredfavor_The Gift
Scumgrief_twilight eyes
Shadyside All Stars_Come and Dance
Short Arm Trick_Suzanne Calloway
Slow Moving Humans_Indian
Sonus Ventorium_Bite
Squad Omni_Stomp
Stained Grass_Sure Real
Stained Grass_the moment
Steel Trap_UncleanSpirit
Steel Trap_you mean nothing
the 100s_Holding Hands
the 100s_Mark One
The Almighty Remainders_Sober
The blackSoil project_iroc
The Brand Plastic_Megalomaniac
The Brand Plastic_Reign Over Me
The Common_Lonely Satellite
The Danny Isaacs Band_beside you
The Danny Isaacs Band_Caught in the Middle
The Deities_Bar Fly
The Elect_200 Dedicated Robots
The Foutys_For The Glory Of Love
The Foutys_The Call
The Mumble_Idle Hands
The Mumble_Souls at Zero (Captive)
Three Wheel Horse_Esteem
Three Wheel Horse_Fence
Tribe_We the People
Twan Journey_Motobike Boyz
Wack Trucks_Picture Perfect
wu_eighties song
wu_Get Busy