Imaginary Numbers


throughout high-school i noodled with my band members electric guitars but never tried to do anything serious with it. around this time i had a moment of musical clarity. in 2002 i heard two of the albums that severly altered my life. the first being "figure 8" by the late elliott smith, and "ok computer" by radiohead. after hearing these albums i began doing home recordings. i first picked up the acoustic guitar in the summer of 2006 and played my first show in february 2006. my mother's piano has always been present in our household but i never, for what reason i'm not sure, bothered to learn to play it. on thanksgiving 2007 i played my first notes on piano; and by 2007 was recording a thirteen track album that would labor on for almost a year because of one simple reason: i'm poor. it 2008 and the album i started in 2007 ("Windows, Walss and Boxes") is finally finished.



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