Id Obelus

Id Obelus

Id Obelus is an MC from rural north central Indiana. He's been making home brewed left-field rap music as Id Obelus and with Creatures of Habit, Random Art Projects, Done and Hoosier Apex for the past couple of decades.


the Jabberbox

15 songs

01 This Is Intro
02 I Love Rap
03 You Know My Style ft. N-Afek
04 Just Like Rick Sr.
05 the Powers of Observation
06 G'z-n-Geekz
07 Gosh Dern Kids
08 My Raps Are Raw ft. Richard Cook
09 17,000 Songs
10 Let Loose (Dork Inc.) ft. Richard Cook
11 Like Ugh
12 Get Faced Like Back in the Days ft. Branimal
13 Huh Who- ft. Selfhelp, Nomar Slevik, and Ace One
14 This Is Energy
15 - ??? ft. Ivan Ives, E. Brown, N-Afek, & Elypsis