Ian Illig

Ian Illig, John Gotsis, Isaac Vining, Caleb Schoberg, AJ Miller
From Indianapolis, singer/songwriter Ian Illig is building his music career around honest songwriting and a sound that is best described as heartland rock with a punch. In his upcoming 2021 album, Almanac, he ventures beyond his acoustic roots and into the world of anthemic synths, guitar hooks, and driving rhythm that will draw you in long enough to consider the message of hope that fuels his songwriting. As he enters his 30s, Almanac is a public journal entry that documents how his worldview, relationships, and self-awareness have evolved over the past decade. While these songs are his way of leaving breadcrumbs for himself, Ian hopes they will also be a mirror for listeners to reflect on their own stories. Ian’s crew is comprised of like-minded friends who share his belief that we’re all in desperate need of being reminded, over and over again, of the shared joys and sufferings that connect us all. Collaborations include Fabricating Thread EP (2012), A Horse With Blinders EP (2014), and upcoming album Almanac (2021). Band members include Isaac Vining, John Gotsis, Caleb Schoberg, and AJ Miller.



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Saint John