The Hungry Ears

chris minor j.d. minor mike mcmillian melissa mikaljeck
THE HUNGRY EARS BY David Downing THE HUNGRY EARS ARE an energetic mixture of...well everything. As you may expect with any rock band spittin' lyrics with a clarinet player, T.H.E. create constant sonic energy. Since 2008, the Ears have been sending words through the air on the backbone of an addictive power punk musical groove. Thecombination of JD Minor's voice, with the Level bass of Chris Minor, clarinet skillset of Melissa Mikolajczyk and multi-musician Michael McMillian has multiple layers of musical mayhem. For thoes counting that's a lot of M's. I'm not an expert on ears, or The Hungry Ears, and although I don't know what a "soul piercing diddy" is, I'm sure with songs named "Don't Let The Zombies Eat My Brains, "Ragamaroo," and "Fire Cracker" the Hungry Ears come close to definding it. if a mix of surfer rock and Rage Against The Machine, combined with power jams and energy is what the doctor ordered, be sure to drop on by and hear the Ears.



4 songs

Between the devil and the deep blue sea
Dont let the zomies eat my brains