House of Bread

Omar Afzaal & Bob Haddad

With their third album, Indiana's House Of Bread have created a collection of lush, quirky, and occasionally noisy synth-pop songs. "Superhuman Tomb" combines elements of 80’s dream-pop with walls of Siamese Dream-like guitars and ethereal vocals into an album that will make fans of Air, Asobi Seksu, and Dan Deacon head for the dance floor and/or the medicine cabinet.

Beginning in 2005, Omar Afzaal conceived of House of Bread as anoise-pop solo project with the use of guitars pedals and a simple 8-track recorder. 2006's debut "House That Bread Built" ranged from ambient soundscapes to a barrage of unsettling chainsaw guitars. The follow-up, 2007's "Out of Sight: Because You Hear It", introduced electronic elements to the band and a focus on accessible songwriting. Shortly afterward, Bob Haddad joined House of Bread to help write and record "Superhuman Tomb", hands-down the most intricate and accessible House of Bread album to date, and a definite development to the band's odd mix of pop and noise.

Deriving influence from equal parts Super Furry Animals, The Cure, Kraftwerk, and Yo La Tengo, the album couples nostalgic melodic elements with innovative textures and dense soundscapes. The songs are developed, lyrically introspective and emotionally evocative - resulting in a sound that is at once organic, electronic, and honest.


Hypnic Jerk

9 songs

01 Lampshade Dreams
02 There Are Rooms We've Never Shown You
03 Glass Mural
04 Psychic Races
05 Defeated Bones
06 Bleecker Street
07 The Grave Visitor Pt II
08 Blush On
09 The Grave Visitor Pt I

Superhuman Tomb

11 songs

Nebula A908
Flying Nomads
Artificial Man
Hazy Boy
We Built A Mountain To The Sky
Snow Globe Smasher II
Our Green Plots
Don't Be Shy
Monument For A Boy's Mind
Blood Scouts