Hot Fighter #1

Sonny Alexander, Eric Alexander, Nathan Warrick, Chris Mosson, Jacob Mazer, Matt Schuff, Miss Mess, Dan Schepper, Peter King, Sagan Stier, Kelly Crodian, Chris Barth, Paul Smith, Mikey Hodges, Justin Prim, Ryan Reidy, and more.

"Drawing inspiration equally from the heedless decadence of The Fugs, the sonic terrorism of local legends Hepatitis B Youth, the gospel according to Exuma I&II, and the fungus of the Hoosier Forests, Hot Fighter #1 sought the liberation of themselves and all beings through direct confrontation and annihilation of all aversions and attachments by any means necessary. Widely despised by those who weren’t in on it they forged a path, albeit not a very pleasant one, to some very interesting psychic and musical terrains. The bonds formed between the individuals of the collective in this exploration are still manifesting some of the sounds in the Bloomington underground music scene today." -- from the liner notes of the Water Brothers Trust Anthology 2004-2012

Hi, it's Doog.  I'll say this, HF#1 was something different to every person involved, but as I understood it the collective was a vehicle for the liberation of the minds and souls of all those involved and the music was a both a consequence of that singlular objective and a means of attaining it.  You see, we thought of the universe as a continual stream of sound.  The performance never ends or begins.  You simply realize you're a part of it and then forget until you remember again.  The music was our lives.  How do you capture that on record?  You can't.  There is very little evidence of our journey, but to me it was the most important and transformative thing I have ever experienced. 


Hot Fighter #1

1 songs

Rotate, Collapse, and Turn Inside Out

Live 2006-2007

7 songs

Hot Love
New Land of the Deer Head God
Prophet Song
Boss Leopard
Socialized Woman, Socialized Man