Holiday House

Andi Donahue, Paul Wendell Obis, Ian Lieth, Cheryl Tomblin, Ryan Shepherd, Jen Donahue
Holiday House makes music that bleeds. Their music is honest, brooding and hopeful in one fell swoop. Curious guitar riffs interwoven with Synthesizer, Pounding rhythm and violin provide the canvas for Andrea Donahue’s powerful female vocals to lift the music and live shows to comparisons with PJ Harvey and A Perfect Circle. Holiday House was formed by Singer Andrea Donahue and Paul Wendell Obis in 2007. In January of 2010 they brought in Ian Leith (guitar/keys), Cheryl Tomblin (violin), Jen Donahue (bass/backups) and Ryan Shepherd to complete the unique and powerful lineup. Since then Holiday House has headlined legendary Chicago clubs such as Double Door, Subterranean, Fitzgerald’s and Martyrs as well as the Firebird in St. Louis. The fan base has been steadily growing as word spreads on the sextet. They have brought crowds upwards of 100 people to clubs on weeknights. The bands auspicious first E.P ‘Weight of Water’ released in October 2010 blends the stark purity of 90’s grunge rock with melodic textures and macabre lyrics that make the record a truly unique and genuine experience. ‘Weight of Water’ has been featured in many of Chicago’s premier local radio programs, blogs and news magazines it has sold out twice on with as many downloads in Germany and Sweden as their home base of Chicago land. The band has only begun to scratch the surface, 2011 promises to be another big step forward with touring, a new record and the same work ethic that helped make 2010 such an amazing ride.



6 songs

Weight of Water
See, Say, Touch
Non Comps Mentis