Hey Hey Melodica

Anthony Scrggins, David Petrison, Nate Sparks, Brian, Tucker

Originating from the outskirts of Indianapolis, the members of Hey Hey Melodica had known each other for
years, playing in various bands, before forming a group together. This project represents the collective support
for the guile folk/pop songwriting of Anthoney Scroggins. The band creates intricate song arrangements that
boast rich textures from simple musical fragments and bare-bones instrument sounds.

In his younger years, Anthoney tried his hand as the guitarist for several punk bands, but was swayed into
selling some of his electric guitar equipment for an acoustic guitar and started working on a new set of songs
he could play in his city apartment. He caught the admiration of longtime friend David Petrison at a couple of
local shows and they decided to get together to work on crafting a sound that included their admiration for
artists like Elliott Smith, The Zombies, and The Beach Boys.
The group added longtime friend and recording engineer Nathaniel Sparks on bass and worked up a sound that
was folky, somewhat sweet and somewhat sinister. The band played a few shows around the Indianapolis area
and released an EP that caught the attention of some of the local outlets in Indianapolis, thanks to their
unusual song structures and elastic melodies. NUVO Newsweekly named the group one of the top 20 "Best of
Indy Bands".

When Jeffrey Geesa, artist and concert percussionist, moved back to the city after a stint in New York City, the
band recruited him on drums and released their second self-produced, self-recorded EP, entitled The Sinking
Ship & the Landlocked Sailor, in August, 2009. The band is currently recording a full length album that will be
released in 2010.


A Song of Broken Notes

4 songs

Birds In A Cage
Hey Kid!
Our Own Quiet Parade
A Song Of Broken Notes