Heidi Gluck


Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, probably drums too. Canada/Grand Forks/Indianapolis/Lawrence, Kansas. Heidi was "discovered" by Vess Ruhtenberg in 2001 at a show in Grand Forks while working as a guitar tech on the Cheap Trick tour with Nash Kato. Heidi moved to Indianapolis about 6 months later forming The Pieces with Vess and LonPaul. Later LonPaul would leave the group with Devon coming on board as drummer. Heidi would quickly become in high demand managing to join June Panic's band briefly as a slide guitarist, play on Sophia Travis albums, joined Lola briefly, play with Richard Edwards, Andy Fry all while joining Juliana Hatfield and Freda Love Smith in Some Girls. Heidi also plays in The Only Children with her husband Josh. They now live with their son Ollie in Lawrence, Kansas.



3 songs

Slow Motion
3 open your eyes