Grant Gilman

Grant Gilman - Guitar/Vocals, Kenny Pfau - Guitar/Vocals, Bobby Yates - Bass/Vocals, Matt Kennicutt - Drums
"This winter, singer-songwriter Grant Gilman released Homewrecker, a fourteen track break-up letter that is a perfect companion to all that hurts in the game of love. Straight out of Terre Haute, Indiana, Gilman's solo debut sounds eerily similar to some of Ryan Adam's early work by the Patty Duke Syndrome; country music with some serious indie rock sensibilities. What I like about Grant is that he's not giving us any bullshit. This isn't a kid singing about how much ass he gets, or how much whiskey he can drink. He's a guy who's had some troubles in the game of love and he's not afraid to spell it out for you. It can be easy for young country singers to write music that isn't very honest. The genre as a whole celebrates the dustiest of characters, hell-bent on destruction and mayhem. Some young writers overplay the "whole" traveling musician card a bit hard when they first start out, spinning more yarn than a six-year old. Gilman isn't singing about something he's not, or hasn't experienced yet." -From Front Porch Musings .. ..



4 songs

Jump Ship
Don't Want You Gone
Life Worth Livin'