Maren - vocals/glockenspiel John - guitar/bass Jeremy - drums Stuart - piano/keys Marte - violin

Old friends building songs across state lines... When Maren Oslund came back to the middle after almost 20 years spent living on both coasts, her long-time Indianapolis friend John Scott(Usurp Synapse), now living in Chicago asked her to add some vocals to a few songs he'd been writing. They quickly pulled in Jeremy King (Upheaval, Romance Morgue, Whiskeytits) on drums, and John's friends and fellow Chicagoans Stuart Seale and Marte Schaffmeyer to add keys and violin respectively. With half the band in Indy, and the other half in Chi, they've been constructing the songs via email, sending Garage Band tracks back and forth. At the time of the release of their second EP in early January of 2015, though their recordings sound tight and cohesive, the band still had not played together with all members present. The music of GOLDEN ECHO takes heavy cues from late-nineties emo and indie rock, drawing stylistic connections to bands like Low, Mineral, and Rainer Maria.



2 songs

GOLDEN ECHO - On Dirty Habits And Frozen Lakes
GOLDEN ECHO - Feats of Strength and Daring