God Am

Cody Randall - Vocalist Joe linville - Guitarist Jake Linville - Bassist Will Grimes - Drummer
Slowly but surely, we are progressively trailing on. This Noblesville Indiana based band, "God Am" is in the midst of doing vigorous practice sessions and writing. Creating mix sounds from the depths of each of our past as well as our present. Forging mixed sounds of Grunge and Doom Metal with hints of Progressive metal. WE HAVE FINISHED OUR DEBUT [EP] AND ARE AWAITING ON A RELEASE DATE FOR IT! One of Indiana's up coming Grunge Metal / Stoner Rock bands! WE ARE NOW FINISHED WITH OUR DEBUT [EP] RELEASE DATE IS STILL TBA! Currently looking for shows


God Am - [EP]

2 songs

Die Away From Me
Zed Is Ded