Ginger Kit


"The Ginger Kit existed in Bloomington from about 1995 to 1998 (perhaps another member will straighten these dates out). The first lineup was Tony Whitlock (Brando), Daniel Touw (Brando), Kevin Gill (Barbaloot), and Mitch Harris. After a year or so, Mitch started playing with Velo Deluxe because he could play really loudly and quite well. Lucky for us, Daniel knew Andy Snyder (Hands Down Eugene) from high school, who could also play loudly and well, and he joined the band until all of us died in car crashes and we decided that we should stop playing... that's not how it happened... actually, Andy and Tony moved to Nashville (where andy still lives), and Daniel moved to Indy. Kevin stayed back in Bloomington. The recordings are with Andy playing drums.