Gay Black republican

Rich Barker, Jeff Spalding, Doc Gremore, Kyle Billingsley
July 2001: Gay Black Republican forms with members: Jeff Spalding (guitar), Rich Barker (bass), Tony Garcia (vocals) and Lenen Nicola (drums) August 2001: GBR released 4 song EP Stampede of Greed December 2001: First Performed Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn May 2002: Released full length album Drive by Plane-ing April 2003: NUVO Newsweekly named GBR as on of the city’s most improved bands October 2003: Released second full length album Ballet on Barbed Wire December 2003: NUVO Newsweekly named Ballet on Barbed Wire one of the top 10 local albums 2004: Marty Green replaced Lenen on Drums May 2005: Sean Copley replaced Marty on Drums March 2006: Released third full length album Enola August 2006: Doc Gremore replaces Tony on Vocals November 2006: GBR was featured on the Z99.5 Homegrown Buzz radio show November 2006: GBR was’s Band of the Week September 2007: Creepy 13 replaced Sean on Drums October 2007: Won Punk Rock Night award for “Best Sleeper Band” August 2008: Signed with Ft. Wayne record label Chain Smoking Records September 2008: Released fourth full length album Capitol Wave October 2008: Capitol Wave Won the Punk Rock Night award for “Best Release” January 2010: Kyle Billingsley replaced Creepy 13 on drums July 2011: GBR was voted Best Punk Artist of 2011 in the NUVO Newsweekly Best of Indy issue the week they open up for Joe Jack Talcum of the Dead Milkmen.



2 songs

Ballet on Barbed Wire
Angel Nobody