Full Sun

Jeff Grant + rotating cast

Jeff Grant moved to Bloomington in 2008 from Richmond, VA, where he had been drumming in bands since 1995 (Stop It!!, FOOD, others). In 2005, he made his first venture into songwriting, fronting the band Pink Razors, who released two albums and 2 EPs in the three years before effectively splitting due to moving to different parts of the country. Once in Bloomington, Grant claimed Full Sun as a solo project - playing and recording all the instruments for the first time. He released the "High Ceiling" cassette in 2011, followed quickly by the "Bare Floor" cassette, and the "Stay Awake" 7" the next year. Encouragement from peer musicians led to forming a live band, who played a handful of shows before members left for other towns. 2014 saw the release of the first full length LP, "Itch" whereupon Grant called up other musicians to fill out the sound, and engineer John Dawson to record the bulk of the tracks at Magnetic South.  Next came the "Stick It" cassette ep (2016) and "Thinkin About It" album (2018), enlisting full-time members Erin Tobey, Alex Mann, and Cole Champion. Meanwhile, Grant has stayed busy over the years, also starting the band The Sands who released the "Hotel & Casino" LP in 2014, before half the band again moved away. He currently drums for Erin Tobey and Rodeola, formerly Fat Shadow, Triptides, Frankie & the Witch Fingers, and filled in with Mike Adams At His Honest Weight. 



12 songs

01 Firebrand
02 Itch
03 The Storm
04 Losing Sight
05 Good Friend
06 Sweet City
07 Lost Souls
08 Fortified
09 Access
10 The Storm II
11 Loyal Royal
12 Doomed To Be

Stay Awake 7"

3 songs

01 Stay Awake
02 The Ghosts
03 Dark Side

High Ceiling

6 songs

01 Persuaded
02 Where'd It Go_
03 Spent All We Had
04 Passing Cars Dub
05 Better
06 Hey Niño

Bare Floor

9 songs

01 New Spot
02 Anxious
03 Too Far Out
04 Next Day Low
05 Right By You
06 Jacky
07 Russian 101
08 Say The Same
09 Right By You Too