Eric Salazar

Eric Salazar: clarinet, electronics, composer

Eric Salazar is an emerging artist with international press attention. Dubbed a super-human clarinet hero (Big Car, 2015), Salazar pioneers the indie-classical genre. He takes his classical training and fuses together modern electronics with classical instruments, blending ancient styles with present musical trends. Salazar’s connective approach to performing wins the hearts of audiences as he guides them through explorations of raw emotion. Eric’s purpose for writing music is to create art that challenges standards, unites audiences of uncommon backgrounds, and connects souls through creative understanding. When not writing and performing new music, Salazar enjoys drinking tea, playing video games, reading comics, enjoying the nightlife, and making people laugh.

"Salazar is a dynamic and creative performer who composes music pairing his virtuoso clarinet skills against washes of electronic sound..."

-Kyle Long, NUVO Music Columnist


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5 songs

Sky So Blue...
Soul Search
See What I See (Single)
Kitten Lullaby (Single)