Emerson Vernon
Emerson Vernon started music at a young age of 6 years old as he began taking classical guitar lessons. As years passed, Vernon picked up bass, piano, and began developing his singing voice and eventually formed a metal band his freshman year of high school. After a few intense shows with the group, Vernon's parents forced him to leave the behind because of the dark lifestyle they feared he was falling into. Emerson struggled to find himself in a position where he could make good music without being in a band. He pursued being and acoustic artist for a few months, but did not believe that his singing was good enough. He soon then discovered the accessibility of creating EDM and began producing at age 15. Vernon went through several stage names during his first six months as a producer (such as "Emerson Vernon", "The Howl", and "Hypnotix") and eventually settled with his childhood name he was teased with, Emosahn. Since his origin, Emosahn has accumulated an impressive portfolio with two full releases, many remixes, and shows opening for artists like BoB. In 2016, he founded Anything Game Records, which is his record label in which music of all kinds is encouraged to be released. Vernon has released two albums, "Real World" and "Electric Boy".

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4 songs

5 Lullaby feat. Noah McCullough and Chris!
Electric Boy
1 Real World ft, Blake Kirkham and Ace KD
Forever (ft. Mark Battles)