Dixie and The Power and Light Co


Convinced, in the 60's 70's era, that kids relate to other kids their own age, The Power & Light Co. brought the good news of Jesus Christ to teens across the nation. They did this through radio, television, personal appearances at youth rallies, high school assemblies, Christian service camps, in local churces, and at the North American Christian Convention. They had only 2 albums which were recorded at Golden Voice Studios, South Pekin, Illinois. Dixie, Lead singer, formed the group by saying "Wouldn't it be great if we could have a gospel rock group that could tell the story of Christ to kids in language and music that they really understand?" This was at the home of Bill Roberts who's dad was the pastor at the Greenwood Christian Church at that time. Bill was interested and knew of Chuch and Lee who were in rock groups, but they had no drummer. Chuck and Lee brought Rhonda on board having gone to school with her. They got the group together, settled on the name, fashioned after the Indianapolis Power & Light Company, and three weeks later, gave their first concert at the Englewood Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. The highlight of the group's career was being the opening act for Andrea Crouch and the Disciples at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.



2 songs

Track 1Help Me
Track 2Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jerico