Dirty Napz aka Rorshach

Dirty Napz aka Rorshach

Dirty Napz aka Rorshach, aka Dirt Reynolds, aka Durt Russel, aka Rory Lee Fuct- Started writing way earlier, but have been learning and making hip-hop music since the mid / late 90's (Imsomniak Crew)- Lived in Tempe / Phoenix, AZ for about 8 years after forming the group "The Feeblez", did some shows and put out a few albums.. as well as many DJ gigs, hip hop weekly's, promotions, etc. Current groups to look out for soon that I am working on: Endangered (formerly The Feeblez), and Parallelz.. New solo album, "Zebra", out NOW! (available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp- Also at Indy CD and Vinyl, Luna Music and Vibes)!




Zebra (sampler)

3 songs

Listen to this Alright
Then I Drink
Tellin' Tales