Reverend Dan (2001-2013), The Good Rev. Dr. Doomtone, Ms. Cupcake, Eddie "Home Run" Rippy, Darwin Layne, Killer Miller (2013-2014)

Created as the brainchild of Reverend Dan and The Good Rev. Dr. Doomtone in 2001 while discussing their love of Eddie Deezen movies mostly "Midnight Madness". What began as a joke escalated to Rev. Dan writing Eddie Deezen a letter on the back of an empty Lucky Strike carton that contained Eddie Deezen artwork. About a month later, an envelope arrived from Eddie with autographed 8x10 wishing us luck with the band.

The band went on hiatus after Dan moved from Indy to NYC in 2002, but upon his return in 2006, Doomtone and Rev. Dan began writing. We had a revolving door of local talent in the early years of the band. The first line-up was Doomtone, Rev. Dan, Andy Fark (Five Year Mission, Creepin' Charley, The Jabs), and Dave Barajas (State, Stealing Volume). This lasted about a month or so and Ben Schimmel (Stealing Volume, The Jabs, Dirty Little Secrets) would step in for Dave on bass. This also brought in Dirty Doug Perdue (The Jabs, Dirty Little Secrets) on guitar. This lasted for about 6 months or so. Twinkle Van Winkle (Jenny Jeans) would take over on drums. After about a 6 months to a year, Twinkle left and so did Schimmel. Ms. Cupcake came aboard to take on drum duty, Darwin Layne would also join us on bass duty. We dragged Eddie "Home Run" Rippy in on keys and that was our official lineup for the next 4 years.

Deezen would have their debut show at a loading dock of a junk shop on Michigan Street. During our 2 song set, a train went ripping right next to the building. We wouldn't play another gig until December 4th, 2010 when we opened for the Batusis (Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys and Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls). From there, we would go on to play shows all around the Midwest and often a staple of the local benefit show Tonic Ball.

Deezen would have tracks featured on a movie soundtrack titled "I Love You Eddie Deezen", a tribute to The Gizmos "Gimme Back My Foreskin", and a couple of other comps.

In 2013, Rev. Dan had to step down from vocals due to a family emergency. Killer Miller helped take over vocals until the disolvment of the band in 2014.



2 songs

Don't Lie
I Love You, Eddie Deezen