The Decadence

Andrew Mowell - Lead vocal/guitar Padraig Boyle - Drums/Vox Matt Andersen - Bass
The Decadence is a Nashville based band by way of Indy. The singer, Drew and drummer, Padraig are born and raised in Indiana. These two were members of the group Records Record Records, then simply Records. In 2008 they recorded an album with producer Joe Cheesman, went on a national tour and signed a major label deal with Universal. Upon returning from the tour the group learned Universal had dropped them After band discourse, Drew and Padraig moved to Nashville to keep the dream alive. In the fall of 2012 The Decadence headed to the studio with producer/engineer Brian Kunitz (Producer for Kyle Cook of Matchbox 20) to begin work on their full length album "So Long Stella." In the fall of 2013 "So Long Stella" was released quickly being picked up by more than 150 US and Canadian radio stations.



2 songs

Space and Splendor
I want to be there